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The Jeff Probst Show

Jeff Probst survives the Survivor islands as he escapes to talk showdom.

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Is Dan Le Batard Highly Questionable?

C'mon, all of you fantasy sports fans out there - I really know who is Dan Le Batard!

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http://www.hitpost.com/1y4xN6/ do you consider eli manning a top 5 nfl quarterback?

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Saturn 3 (Deutsch)

Angels in the Outfield

Two versions of the legendary 1951 film Angels in the Outfield - the original starring Paul Douglas (not to be confused with the former WCCO-TV and KARE-TV meteorologist), above, and the 1994 Disney revival at the top.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bunk: The Funny Persons. The Challenges. The Series.


Three contestants are involved in an array of fun, hilarious situations as they play IFC's original comedy game show Bunk. The series gets its title from a classic book by William Howard, who had the ability to "take the bunk out of things" during much of the twentieth century.

Who's on Top of the Game?

Project U.F.O.

The Retroist Podcast: Project U.F.O.

A history of the NBC science fiction drama series Project U.F.O.

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The Retroist Podcast: Pole Position


Retroist Podcast

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Hostile Takeover Bidding for Pep Boys Off the Table

Manny, Moe and Jack may have prevented Pep Boys from taking itself over by the Gores Group.

Funny How Crime Slipped Away

In the first episode of a short-lived, 20-part 1971/1972 NBC Television Network series The Partners, a post-Get Smart/Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales. pre-Inspector Gadget Don Adams portrayed one of the comic lawmen on duty as he and his partner in crime, played by the late Rupert Crosse, began their first L.A.P.D. assignment.

Larry the Cable Guy

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour performer and national recording artist performs Southern-flavored country comedy in venue after venue.

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Larry the Cable Guy


George Chapple - "Dark Star"

I will miss you up in heaven.

Dark Star, rest in peace.

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Doc Martin

Portwenn is the setting for the ITV medical drama Doc Martin, in which Martin Clunes' alter ego Martin Ellingham, M.D.practices medicine and how this country doctor tackles the hottest hot-button issues in the healing arts.

A synopsis of Doc Martin is at www.drg.tv.

Find out more about Martin Clunes:


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Jesse Stone: Benefits of the Doubt

CBS presents the eigth original made-for-TV film in the Jesse Stone saga, Jesse Stone: Benefits of the Doubt, produced and distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Television, with a behind-the-scenes photo gallery depicting the cast of all seven previously aired Jesse Stone mystery telefilms posted on Flickr.


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Massive Collection of Films Online

Click here to experience Classic Cinema Online!


Where Do All the Experimental Cars Go?

Automobiles continue to be my passion for many decades. Since relocating to Washington County back in 2003, Mom and I were falling in love with a sports utility vehicle and discovered the joy of maneuvering on the American highway.

Now, the next generation of experiental motor-car technology will be here in Minnesota. The Chrysler Group is developing and engineering new motor vehicles with futuristic features and standard equipment that many drivers and passengers will love. FIAT, Chrysler Group's North
American partner headquartered in Italy, is collaborating with them on their new generation of cars, trucks and SUVs - experimental vehicles of the future - that run on any type of energy - gasoline, electricity, or solar power - depending on motorists' expectataions.

There is also speculation the other major automobile manufacturers will roll out their own ranges of vehicles that are futuristically egineered to meet drivers' needs.

General Motors, meanwhile, is launching several models of experimental motor cars under the Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac plates; while Ford is unveiling several experimental car and truck moels, such as the Ford S-Mode Series range, which was introduced in the U.K. to the masses.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Look what Amazon.com sent me...

My ASUS Eee Transformer tablet arrived today - it's the 1st time I've never experienced any other consumer electronic device like this before!